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Alumni is a Latin word derived from the verb alere, which means ‘to bring up or to nourish’.

At South Staffordshire College we use the term ‘alumni” to include a wider group including FE graduates, HE graduates, apprentices and more. We are open to any student who completed at least one term of study with us – including our exchange students. You’re also part of the club if you studied at Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth or Rodbaston Colleges before our merger into the new South Staffordshire College!

Your time at South Staffordshire College is a key part of your life story and of who you are today. And you are a key part of our very own, continuing story. Your relationship with South Staffordshire College doesn’t end on your graduation day or your leaving day… that was the start of your ongoing relationship with us and with fellow South Staffordshire Alumni.

How do I get involved?
Simple. There are no membership fees and no subscription charges – you automatically become a member when you leave South Staffordshire College.

Higher Education

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