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We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions along with answers and useful links and contact numbers to help you find the right information as quickly as possible.

  • If I apply for a course, will I need to attend an interview?

    Many of our full-time courses require you to attend an Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) interview prior to enrolling on one of our full-time courses. This will either be via a phone call or by attending one of our open events, depending on the course you are applying for, and you will receive an email with all the details. Once you have made an application, please check your emails (including your spam folder) regularly so you don’t miss the invitation. 

  • I have a disability; will the college be able to support me during my time there?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of support for students. For more information on the different kinds of support that we provide, please speak with a member of our Learner Services team by either calling 0300 456 2424 or e-mailing

  • At school / previous college, I was given support with work in class and / or exams. Will I be able to access support at the college?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of support for students. For more information on the different kinds of support that we provide, please speak with a member of our Learner Services team by either calling 0300 456 2424 or e-mailing

  • I have low confidence, and/or suffer with anxiety and stress, will I be able to access support while in college?

    Yes, teaching staff and our mentoring team are always on hand to support our students.

    For more information or to find out how to book an appointment, please speak with a member of our Learner Services team by either calling 0300 456 2424 or e-mailing

  • Can I pay for my course in instalments?

    If the cost of your course is over £100, the college offers a variety of payment plans at no extra cost to you.

    To find out more, either speak with our Learner Services team in campus, call 0300 456 2424 or e-mail

  • Can I apply for an Advanced Learning Loan?

    If you are 19 years of age or above, and you are studying a Level 3 qualification, you may be able to apply for Advanced Learning Loan.

    To check course eligibility and find out more about how to apply, visit

  • Can I apply for help with the cost of essential equipment and/or uniform?

    If your course requires you to attend college for 6 hours or more hours per week you may be eligible for financial support to cover the costs of equipment and travel. Find out more about the college bursary >


  • Does the college offer transport to and from campus?

    Yes, the college can provide transport to and from our Rodbaston campus. Visit our transport page for more information such as timetables and pricing.

  • How can I apply for support with the cost of childcare?

    If you are under 20 years of age, you can apply for support via Care to Learn.

    Alternatively, students over 19 years of age can apply for the college bursary for support with childcare costs. Find out more about the college bursary >


  • Can I apply for support with the cost of my course?

    Students who are 19 years of age and older may be able to claim a fee remission.

    Everyone’s circumstances are different, so please speak with a member of the Learner Services team by either calling 0300 456 2424 or e-mailing to discuss what may be available to you.

Parent FAQ’s

We understand that sometimes there can be myths and confusion around attending college and studying vocational qualifications. As a parent you want the best for your child and helping them choose where to study can be a challenging time. We hope that these questions and answers assist you to make a more informed decision regarding your child’s next steps.

  • Do students need to stay in school until they’re 18?

    Due to a Government change in the law, all young people now have to stay in education or training until the academic year that they turn 18. This does not mean that they have to stay in school and go to Sixth Form. They can choose to study at college or do an apprenticeship and train while they work.

    Staying on at school doesn’t suit everyone so we always advise that all options are considered. If you haven’t already attended one of our open events we would strongly recommend you come along and see what college life has to offer. Our apprenticeship team will also be there. You can register for the events here.

  • Does my child have to study English and maths as part of their college course?

    Studying maths and English is compulsory if your child hasn’t achieved a pass (grade 4). They will need to continue studying these subjects until they either pass or turn 18. If they have already achieved a pass grade there are no requirements for them to continue studying, but they can re-sit them if they would like a higher grade.

    These qualifications are studied alongside their full-time course.

  • Can a vocational course lead to a place at University?

    Yes. After successfully completing a Level 3 vocational qualification your child will have the equivalent to 3 A-level qualifications. This entitles them to apply for university in the same way an A-level student can, however, you will need to look at each university’s prospectus individually to see what each one requires for entry onto their degree programme.

    Alternatively, your child could stay at South Staffordshire College to study a Higher Education course at a fraction of the cost.

    Even if your child won’t be studying a Level 3 course straight away, they can always progress to that level at a later date.

  • Can vocational qualifications lead to a good job?

    Vocational qualifications are a great route into the world of work. Our vocational qualifications are created with the help of industry leaders to ensure they fit with the current requirements and equip students with the essential skills employers are looking for. Depending on your child’s chosen career route, it can be essential to hold a vocational qualification. Tutors will talk through the various career routes during the interview process so your child can be certain they are on the right course.

  • Do you provide career advice and guidance?

    Yes, we provide impartial careers support from our dedicated careers team and young people can access this service before they start college or during their course. Our tutorial programme provides opportunities for your child to discuss their career journey throughout their course and offers all the assistance your child needs to succeed. In the first 6 weeks of study, your child will have a Right Choice Interview to discuss the course to ensure it is matching their expectations. There will be opportunities at this time to rethink their decision and change course should they want to. Our teaching staff and the careers team work together to manage these discussions and we always welcome parental involvement.

    We also hold dedicated career weeks for each course area, which include talks from industry professionals and universities to broaden students’ horizons, raise their aspirations and inform them of all the career options available in their chosen field, and help them to prepare for the real world of work.