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On this page you’ll see the different species of both course and ornamental fish that we breed here at Rodbaston Aquaculture that you could buy!

Group of shubunkin swimming

Coarse Fish

With over two decades of experience, our coarse fish farming methods have been developed with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for producing high quality, healthy, fast growing fish. Using our own carefully selected parents we produce a range of coarse fish species which are spawned, hatched, and reared, on our bio-secure farm using some of the most advanced aquaculture methods available.

Common/Mirror Carp
Cyprinus carpio

We believe, as do our customers (see Testimonials), that our carp are amongst the most aesthetically pleasing, healthiest and fastest growing in the UK. We supply sizes ranging from 2” to 10” in bulk or small quantities and can provide a range of scale patterns to suit your requirements.

Common Mirror Carp

F1 Carp
Carp/wild goldfish cross

Due to the recent increase in popularity we now produce F1 carp by crossing our own Rodbaston carp with brown goldfish. These are a robust fish that feed well all year round and are an excellent addition to commercial fisheries, club waters and mixed fisheries. These are available in sizes from 3-4”, 4-6” and 6-8”.

F1 Carp

Green Tench
Tinca tinca

Following spawning in late May, tench fry are stocked out into our meticulously prepared fry pond in June where they will spend their first 6 months feeding on rotifers and other natural food items. Ponds are harvested in autumn and the resulting 1-2” tench are reared indoors for a further 6 months where they reach 4-8”.

Barbus barbus

Barbel are traditionally a riverine cyprinid but have become increasingly popular for stocking into still-water fisheries. Our barbel are spawned in April/May depending on temperatures and eggs are incubated for 9 days until hatching. Following a short period of feeding with artemia they are then reared in fry ponds for the first summer before being harvested. Further growing is then carried out in our re-circulation systems where the fish reach 6-8” and 8-10” within 6 months.

Traditional Ghost Carp

Ghost carp are another variety of carp we produce be crossing a common or mirror carp with a yellow or white ogon koi. These have all the feeding and growth characteristics of a traditional carp but with the addition of yellow or white colouration on the head and fins.

Trad Ghost Carp

Ornamental Fish

All of our ornamental brood stock are looked after with great care whilst trying to keep them in as much a natural environment as possible. We care as much about producing fit, health fish as we do producing bright colourful fish so you can rest assure that fish from Rodbaston Aquaculture are amongst some of the best English bred ornamental fish in the UK.

Cyprinus carpio
Our Koi production programme is now well established producing fish in sizes ranging from 3-4” up to 8-10”. We spawn and farm a mix of high quality Koi including a wide range of varieties such as: Sanke, Kohaku, Showa, Shusui, Chagoi, Soragoi, Ochiba, Shiro Utsuri, Shiro Bekko, Matsuba and Ogon.

We thrive at producing a great Ogon and Ghost Koi mix with a combination of Doitsu, Kin-Rin, Gin-Rin and common scaled fish. A mix of colours are included resulting in a diverse mix of excellent quality fish. They are a great addition to any garden pond where their colour intensifies dramatically with age and compliments other Koi varieties. – 3 images

Koi Fish

Carassius auratus

Goldfish are the most popular and regularly kept ornamental fish species and are well adapted to life in small or large ponds and in aquariums. Our goldfish are bred on site from our very own brood stock thus reducing the risk that may be involved with imported fish.

From selective breading over the past 10 years we are able to produce a mixture of colour variations (including red, lemon and gold/orange). Some different fin structures such as tri, fan and comet tail also help improve our goldfish mix. They are a very hardy fish and are well suited to the British winters when in garden ponds.


Carassius auratus

Shubunkins are similar in shape, growth and diet to the goldfish but they have many more colour variations and patterns. Most have a blue background with blotches of red and black. Shubunkins can grow to 18” in warmer climates but in the UK they usually reach 6”-12”. They make excellent pond and aquarium fish and have a high tolerance to water quality and temperature fluctuations. We produce shubunkins in sizes ranging from 2-3” to 6-7”.

Shubunkins Fish