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Fantastic GCSE success at South Staffordshire College 

August 2022

South Staffordshire College is delighted to announce positive GCSE results success again this year with a 92% pass rate.

We spoke to some of our highest achieving students today to hear what they thought about their results, here is what they said:

Luis Rodríguez studied GCSE English Language with us and today has achieved a grade 7. He also studied GCSE mathematics with us and achieved a grade 8. Here is what he said “I am a Spanish chap who decided to become a doctor in his 30s. I came to the UK knowing no English at all, I have learned the language from 0, and after 4 years studying and working towards my goals, I am just one interview away from my dream. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it”.

Vinny Leonard-Cope studied English language with us and achieved a grade 6. Here is what he said “I am so happy, and relieved with my results today. Having dyslexia, I thought that I would never be able to pass my exams but today I proved myself wrong. I am so excited to move on but I will never forget the support and lessons that my teachers have given to me on this step of my life I will be forever great-full for them.”

Apisalome Naqasima studied English Language with us and today achieved a grade 6. Here is what he said “I feel very happy about my results today, achieving a Grade 6 in English GCSE. I am currently serving in the Army and the College and tutor has been so supportive and brilliant from Day 1. I wish to say Thank you to Mrs Anne Yardley and South Staffordshire College”.

Rachel Goulbourne studied English Langauge with us and today achieve a grade 8. Here is what she said “After strenuous efforts and lengthy study sessions; being able to look back and see how my hard work has been reflected in my exam results has made this entire journey so euphoric. My fantastic tutors have done an incredible job at motivating and inspiring me. Guiding and demonstrating how anything can be achieved through hard work! Undoubtedly, this journey has taught me to not only be, but to also encourage that you should be great in act, as you have been in thought.”

Shreya Rai studied English Language with us and today achieved a grade 8. Here is what she said “For someone who has been away from education for more than a decade, starting GCSE English was both daunting and exciting. You not only get study materials to help you prepare for your GCSE but also full support from staff. My tutor Roxana was amazing, I could talk to her during the class, set up meetings if needed outside of class and email her anytime! I had a fantastic year learning at South Staffordshire College and have successfully achieved the result I will need to move ahead on my future endeavours”.

Kirk Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive of South Staffordshire College said, “We are very proud of our students’ achievements in English and maths. Our students, as with others, have been impacted by the pandemic and suffered lost learning from the previous two years in school, however they have worked tirelessly and, with outstanding teaching and support, have achieved some fantastic results that they should be proud of and can carry with them to further studies or into work.”

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