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Fish Health and Biosecurity

We are completely self-sufficient with our broodstock, therefore minimising any potential risks and providing our customers with peace of mind!

Fry ponds at Rodbaston

With the current risk of potentially lethal diseases such as KHV in the UK, there is an ever-increasing importance for the fisheries and aquaculture industries to protect existing stocks from risk. We operate a bio-secure site where health, water quality and growth are diligently monitored and controlled.

To eliminate the risk of introducing any waterborne disease we use borehole water which comes from over 80m below ground. Our robust biosecurity action plan ensures we maintain a very high standard of health throughout the different components of our site.

This biosecurity includes our in house health monitoring program, independent health checks and health inspections from CEFAS. Our indoor recirculation systems are periodically disinfected as part of our production program and our fry ponds are emptied, dried and limed annually.

Growing Room at Rodbaston Aquaculture


We strongly recommend that stock should only be purchased from a reputable dealer.

“Buyer beware, don’t take the risk!”

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