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Work with us to offer virtual and augmented reality work experience

March 2022

Students wearing a VR mask
Get involved in helping our students gain valuable work experience – virtually.

South Staffordshire College has been developing the use of virtual work experiences for our learners. We have been exploring how we can specifically incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality into student experiences. Providing students with experience of industry is a vital part of what we offer, so we are better preparing them for life after education.

Although this was primarily introduced because of covid, what we have discovered that the inclusive nature of virtual experiences has the potential to provide all learners an opportunity to experience industry setting, in circumstances when otherwise they would have been unable to. Ensuring that the project is fully inclusive and available to all.

Providing our learners with VR & AR experience of work settings is also beneficial for employers that work in a high-risk setting. Using VR & AR we will still be able to ensure our learners experience these settings, but from the safety of home and college. Our virtual work experience programme will remove barriers of cost and geographical location for our learners. This Virtual Work Experience project enables more young people to engage with you as employers to develop an understanding of the world of work in a meaningful way.

Dependent and the time you can commit, there are three distinct levels of involvement that you can choose from:

Level 1 – 360 recording

Level 1 requires the least minimal input from you the employer/industry specialist. The 360 degree recording of key rooms, settings, and areas within the place of business is simple and easy and will be undertaken by a member of staff from South Staffordshire College and using our 360 camera to scan each room takes minutes.

Level 2 – 360 recording and interview

Level 2 includes all of level 1 plus the option to record on camera information about you, the employer, the setting you work in, pathways into employment, progression, and anything else you think relevant. Face to face interviews can then be embedded in the 360 virtual images to enhance the virtual experience.

Level 3 – 360 recording, interview and learner visit to industry setting

Level 3 includes all of level 1 and 2 plus we would invite employers to meet our learners on campus or in the industry setting. Work with SSC to develop a virtual work experience programme.

All 360 recording and footage will be made available to employers that take part. Contact Claire Pinder-Smith for more info –