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Employers – in partnership with South Staffordshire College

We value our partnerships with over 500 local and regional employers and are committed to ensuring all employer partnerships are mutually beneficial. We currently work with employers to offer work experience placements – A period of work experience, which can be paid or voluntary, related to a course of study that the learner is on. Or alternatively we offer traineeships and apprenticeships, work-based training programmes that combine practical skills learnt in the workplace with vocational study

What are the benefits of offering work experience?

In addition to providing a valuable opportunity for young people, Students can offer many qualities to your organisation including enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

    • Help to up-skill a new generation of workers – Many businesses struggle to find young employees with basic work skills and, similarly, young unemployed people find a lack of understanding of the working world a significant barrier to finding a job. Work experience can benefit both parties.
    • Find potential members of staff – Work experience periods can help establish whether the participant would be a suitable employee for you with minimal risk.
    • Get new ideas and up to date skills into your business – Young people who want to work will be eager to learn new skills to prepare them for their future employment, so they may be more flexible and willing to get involved. They may also have new ideas, great social media or IT skills missing from your organisation.
    • Influencing career choices – Many employers have found that work experience placements are the ideal way of raising the profile of careers within their organisation or sector and, in some cases, dispelling unwarranted stereotyped views.
    • Engagement in the local community – Work experience placements provide a means of creating a positive image for a business and giving something back to the community.


Tips for a Successful Work Placement

      • The college have a dedicated Employer Engagement team who work directly with employers to ensure the work experience placement is beneficial to employers as well as the learners.
      • The most effective placements are those where the aim is clearly identified and agreed by the employer, student and the college.
      • Ensure there is clarity about the role that the young person plays in your organisation and how they will be supported, supervised and mentored by your employees
      • Encourage the learner to relate their experiences and skills to the workplace and provide them with open, honest and constructive feedback about what went well and what areas need to be improved and, if possible, advice on how to do this.

Contact Us

If you are keen to find out more about work experience opportunities, or would like to discuss opportunities for your business to work with South Staffordshire College then don’t hesitate to contact our work experience team on 01785 710530. Email:

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