South Staffordshire College

Maths and English
(A Government Initiative)

As a full time learner at South Staffordshire College you will continue to study the two ‘most important subjects in the world’ – Maths and English.

“Grade A*- C in these two subjects are what employers demand.”

We offer a number of qualifications within these subjects for two to three hours per week to help you with your progression into higher education or employment.

Remote Learning Courses Now Available
We also now offer FREE Functional Skills courses, including English, Maths or ICT which you can study at home in your own time.

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What entry qualifications are needed for each level of course?

Entry 3

  • GCSE English Grade F & GCSE Maths Grade G
  • GCSE Maths Grade F & GCSE English Grade G
  • FS English & Maths at E2


Level 1

  • GCSE English Grade E & GCSE Maths Grade F
  • GCSE Maths Grade E & GCSE English Grade F
  • FS English & Maths at E3


Level 2

  • GCSE English Grade D & GCSE Maths Grade E
  • GCSE Maths Grade D & GCSE English Grade E
  • FS English & Maths at L1


Level 3

  • GCSE English Grade C & GCSE Maths Grade D
  • GCSE Maths Grade C & GCSE English Grade D
  • FS English & Maths at L2


Also see GCSE for more Maths and English courses

FT = Full-Time, PT = Part-Time, WBL = Work Based Learning

Need to know how many UCAS points your qualifications are worth? You can find out by using the UCAS Tariff points calculator.

Are you looking for part-time, evening or weekend courses?
You can find them in the Community Education section.


Study programmes
Our 16 to 19 study programmes are designed to provide learners with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that supports their development and progression in line with their future career plans.

All of our study programmes include:
  • One or more academic, applied or vocational qualification that stretches our learners and links to training, employment or higher education
  • A meaningful work experience placement (related to your vocational area of study)
  • Continuing to study English and maths- learner’s who do not have GCSE A*-C in English or maths will work towards the achievement of these qualifications
  • Additional activities and enrichment opportunities which develop learners’ personal skills and/or prepares them for employment, training or higher/further education
  • Additional Learning Support (where required)

Our study programmes focus on maximising progression to the next stage of education, employment or an apprenticeship.

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