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We recognise that going to college isn’t for everyone. When you leave school it’s very tempting to feel that you’ve spent long enough sitting in a classroom and now it’s time to get a job. But college isn’t remotely like school and delaying starting work until you have some practical, work-ready skills to offer an employer might be a better choice in the long term. But it’s a big decision that could have a major effect on your future, so it’s worth considering your options carefully before you make up your mind.


We want to help you make the right decision by giving you all the facts, information and assistance you may need. So have a good look here on our website to get a feel for college life and how you might benefit from increasing your attractiveness to employers with some additional qualifications, or by using college as a stepping stone towards higher education. Our doors are open to you if you wish to call in, look around for yourself and ask some of our current students what it’s like to study and socialise here. And if you’re still not sure whether college is right for you, give us a call and we’ll arrange an informal, one-to-one chat to give you impartial advice and guidance on your future.

Further education for young people

What’s college like?

There are many differences between being a pupil at school and a student at college, but the main two are that at college, you will have more freedom and independence than ever before. You will be respected as an individual and treated as an adult, within a friendly and supportive environment. There are no bells and no uniform (except for practical courses, eg. mechanic’s overalls or chef’s whites). And you will also have a great time and make many new friends. Ask anyone and they will tell you that your student years will be some of the best years of your life and many of the new friends you share your experiences with will become the best friends you ever make.

My Programme of Learning

Individual learning

Everyone is different; no two people are the same.  Each person will need different things from their learning programme.  Your needs are shaped by who you are, your previous experiences and where you want to be – your aspirations for the future.  At South Staffordshire College we recognise this so that your programme of learning reflects these factors and is designed to meet your needs.

Each learning programme comprises of:

The Core Programme – the vocational part of your course (the subject for which you enrolled)

Maths and English (A Government Initiative) – As a full time learner at South Staffordshire College you will continue to study the two ‘most important subjects in the world’ – Maths and English.

Twice each term your Progression Coach will meet with you for your one-to-one Progression Coaching session.  This is the opportunity to review your progress to ensure that you are on target to achieve your qualification and fulfil your potential.  An important part of these reviews will be target setting and action planning that will help you make the most of the opportunities on offer.

The Personal Development Programme provides you with the opportunity for developing team working and problem solving skills, and improving how you learn.  These sessions will also focus on issues that will help you to stay safe and healthy, make a positive contribution to the College, wider community or environment, and prepare for the future to achieve your ambitions and financial security.  Through this programme all learners will complete a sustainability qualification as part of the College’s commitment to raising awareness of environmental issues.  We aim to ensure that the College community contributes to sustainability targets.

Engagement – Activities are organised throughout the year to give you the chance to get something ‘extra’ out of your time at College. This could be an additional qualification or the chance to pursue a hobby or try something new. You could take the opportunity to help others or raise money for charity. Trips are also arranged throughout the year giving you the chance to visit somewhere new and see something different.

Study programmes

Our 16 to 19 study programmes are designed to provide learners with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that supports their development and progression in line with their future career plans.

All of our study programmes include:

  • One or more academic, applied or vocational qualification that stretches our learners and links to training, employment or higher education
  • A meaningful work experience placement (related to your vocational area of study)
  • Continuing to study English and maths- learner’s who do not have GCSE A*-C (or equivalent) in English or maths will work towards the achievement of these qualifications
  • Additional activities and enrichment opportunities which develop learners’ personal skills and/or prepares them for employment, training or higher/further education
  • Additional Learning Support (where required)

Our study programmes focus on maximising progression to the next stage of education, employment or an apprenticeship.

Student Handbook

For further advice, see our Learner Handbook.

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