South Staffordshire College

Rodbaston Aquaculture

Quality English Coarse
and Ornamental Fish

Based in rural Staffordshire, Rodbaston Aquaculture Centre breed and supply some of the most sought after fish in the UK including carp, tench, and a range of ornamental fish. The Rodbaston strain of carp has been developed over the last 20 years from original broodstock fish sourced from Orchid Lake and Horseshoe Lakes. As a result, this strain of carp is now established as one of the most attractive within both the aquaculture and angling industries due to their stunning looks, health, and also their potential for growth.
Female Carp
Millions of ornamental fish are imported to the UK each year from around the world along with their associated disease risks. Our aim is to produce and sell healthy English-bred fish to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure that strong, healthy fish reach customers quickly and in perfect condition. We can send our fish out at any temperature, any time of the year, and still maintain their health and quality. The results speak for themselves and the ‘Green Line’ brand name which stems from our breeding programme, is now well established within the ornamental trade nationwide.

Shusui Koi

  • We have supplied over 5 million young Common Carp, Mirror Carp, F1 Carp, Green Tench and Barbel to fisheries, fish farms for restocking and/or growing on.
  • We have produced over 2 million cold-water ornamental fish which are sold on into the aquatics trade.
  • Our state of the art CEFAS registered fish farm consists of fry rearing mud ponds and several recirculation systems include broodstock conditioning, egg incubating, early-rearing, growing and holding.

Biosecurity is paramount on our fish farm. We operate a totally enclosed biosecure site and have regular fish health inspections and viral screening from CEFAS.




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