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Parents & Carers

Having a college student in the house is a big change for you, so we understand that you may have a few questions. College is different to school but we still very much welcome the involvement of parents, carers and guardians, as working together will help your son or daughter to achieve their full potential. This page will give you all the information you need to ensure that your young adult is prepared for his/her next step.

Student + College + Home Support = SUCCESS!

  • Term dates

    Standard Times for Daytime Classes
    Monday: 9am-4.30pm
    Tuesday: 9am- 4pm
    Wednesday: 9am-4pm
    Thursday: 9am-4.30pm
    Friday: 9am – 3.30pm.

    Full-time courses will be delivered over a maximum of three days and you may not be required to attend for the full length of the day as individual timetables will vary.

    All dates are correct at the time of publication but occasionally may need to change.


    Autumn Term Dates
    From To
    Monday 11th September* Friday 20th October
    Half Term Monday 23rd October Friday 27th October
    Monday 30th October Tuesday 19th December
    Christmas Break Wednesday 20th December Tuesday 2nd January
    Spring Term Dates
    From To
    Wednesday 3rd January Friday 16th February
    Half Term Monday 19th February Friday 23rd February
    Monday 26th February Thursday 29th March
    Easter Break Friday 30th March Wednesday 11th April
    Training (closed to students) Thurs 12th April Friday 13th April
    Summer Term Dates
    From To
    Monday 16th April Friday 25th May
    Bank Holiday Monday 7th May
    Staff Training Day – Closed to students (HE and evening classes will run as normal, schools informed separately) Tuesday 8th May
    Half Term Monday 28th May Friday 1st June
    Monday 4th June Friday 29th June

    #Some courses will start after this date. Please feel free to discuss this with individual progression coaches if you have any specific queries or concerns. The weeks from Monday 11th September to Friday 15th September are Enrolment/Induction weeks.

    * Some courses will complete before or run beyond this date. Please feel free to discuss this with individual progression coaches if you have any specific queries or concerns.

    Click here to download the full College Calendar 2017-18

    NEW: Click here to download the Student College Calendar 2018-19

    All dates are correct at the time of publication but occasionally may need to change.

  • Financial support

    We recognise that money matters, especially when your son/daughter is deciding to take up a course of study. The good news is that they may be eligible for financial support as the college has a range of loans and funds to help. The Learner Services team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Bursary guidelines
    Financial Support Bursary Fund checklist
    Financial Support and Bursary Fund application form
    External Childcare Provider Details Form

    It’s really important that you apply for the bursary funds in advance of starting your course in September. The earlier this is arranged, the simpler enrolment will be.

    The evidence that is required to support the college financial bursary is detailed in the above forms. Make sure, if it applies to you or your family that the working tax credit form which can be applied for after the 1st April each year is done. Applying early on in the year means that there will be fewer delays the bursary application, remember – it has to be completed each year.

  • Feedback from Parents & Carers

    As parents and carers, you have an invaluable role in shaping your child’s future. We want to listen to you and work with you to help to ensure that, as we too help to shape your child’s future, we do so as well as we possibly can.

    We encourage you to get involved in our Parents/Carers Forums. The Forums provide an important opportunity for you to meet with the College’s Learner Journey support team to feedback to us about your child’s experience of college. We want to know how they – and you – are finding the experience so that we know how to build on the things that we do well and, just as importantly, improve things where needed.

    You are welcome to attend a meeting at whichever campus is most convenient for you, not just the one which your son/daughter attends. The meeting dates will also be advertised in the events section of the website

    Your feedback is welcomed any time. Please email

  • Progression coaching

    Your son/daughter will be assigned a Progression Coach during their time at college who is responsible for checking their progress and setting their progression entitlement. Your son/daughter will have the opportunity to discuss their own learning and review using our online course tracking system which they can access both inside and outside of college. It shows attendance, individual targets, what work has been completed, what is still outstanding and assignment grades; encouraging learners to take responsibility for their own progress.

  • Attendance and behaviour

    We expect all learners to be punctual and attend all their classes as this gives them the best opportunity to succeed. There may of course be times when this isn’t possible, so we ask that all absences are reported via the College absence line number:

    Absence Line: 0300 303 2525

    As we are keen that your son/daughter makes the most of their time with us, it is college policy to contact them, or yourself, if we do not receive a call regarding their absence. Persistent nonattendance may result in disciplinary action, suspension or exclusion from their college course. Should you wish to speak to someone regarding your son/daughters absenteeism please contact their Progression Coach or a college mentor.

  • Parents charter

    You can expect us to provide:

    • A personal link with the college via your son/daughter’s Progression Coach
    • Opportunities to discuss their progress via the telephone or at the Consultation Evening in January
    • A prompt response to any query or concern
    • Contact from the college if there is a concern about attendance/progress/behaviour
    • A copy of the College’s Compliments, Complaints and Suggestions procedure (on request)


    We’d love it if you could:

    • Encourage your son/daughter to be responsible and act in a safe and appropriate manner at all times
    • Inform us if you become concerned about any aspect of your son/daughter’s progress. This can be done via their Progression Coach or by speaking to one of the college mentors
    • Where possible avoid making appointments or booking holidays which will mean that your son/daughter will miss their classes. Any requests for authorised absences should be sought from their Progression Coach
    • Attend the Consultation Evening in January
    • Treat college staff in a respectful and courteous manner
  • Staying safe

    Your son/daughter’s safety is paramount to us which is why we ask all learners to carry their college ID badge with them at all times (this will be issued to them during enrolment). We understand that occasionally students will forget their ID so a temporary badge can be obtained from Learner Services. However, if they lose their badge a replacement must be purchased from us.

    As a college we’re aware of the increasing availability of drugs within the wider society, as well as the pressures on young people who will come into contact with drugs at some point in their lives, we want to do all that we can to increase awareness and support our students in making the best possible life choices. The college works in close partnership with Staffordshire Police and Securitas to take positive action against the misuse of drugs. Periodically throughout the academic year drug detection dogs are used to search classrooms. This action is seen as complementing our Big Tutorial programme which raises student awareness around various Health and Wellbeing issues, including the dangers of drug/alcohol mis-use. If you would like to discuss this issue further please contact Ali Hanson, Personal Development & Safeguarding Manager on 0300 456 2424 or e-mail
    A copy of the Colleges Substance Misuse Procedure can be obtained on request or by calling into any campus HUB.

  • Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity

    All educational institutions have a legal responsibility to safeguard children (under 18’s) and vulnerable adults in their care. If any staff member has concerns regarding a student’s safety and wellbeing then they have a duty of care to report it to a member of the College’s safeguarding team. The Deputy Chief Executive is the College’s designated Child & Vulnerable Adult’s Protection Officer who will oversee all concerns reported. Read more about our policies here.

    South Staffordshire College actively encourages a culture of respect and will not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination in any form. We positively promote diversity and difference through all aspects of College life. All students take part in Induction and Big Tutorial activities throughout the year to raise their awareness of equality and diversity.

    If you have any concerns that your son/daughter is being bullied or being treated detrimentally please contact their Progression Coach or a College mentor.

  • Mentoring and Counselling

    We want your son/daughter to pass their course and be happy at college but we recognise that sometimes life doesn’t always go to plan. The college mentoring provision offers students support and advice to help them overcome any problems or concerns that they may have, be that personal, social or course related. The team can also refer students to the Relate counselling service should more specific support be required.

    The mentor team’s contact details

  • Places to Eat

    There are lots of places across the campuses where your son/daughter can buy a healthy lunch or snacks or just sit to eat their own lunch. The average cost for a nutritious main meal would be £2.95 or a healthy sandwich meal deal would be from £2.00 (sandwich, fruit and a drink)
    All campuses have a number of vending machines supplying hot/cold drinks and healthy snacks.

  • Learner services

    The Learner Services team reinforces the work of the Progression Coach by providing a range of services to support students. They offer help and advice in a number of areas:

    • Financial support
    • Mentoring/counselling support
    • Careers and Progression Advice and Guidance
    • College transport
    • Additional Learning Support, including exam support
    • Higher Education
    • Course information
    • Applications and Enrolment
    • Opportunities and activities for students

    South Staffordshire College has LRCs (Library Resource Centres) situated at Rodbaston Campus and Tamworth Campus. They carry a range of resources to support the subjects delivered at that site. Each LRC has computers and quiet areas for private study.

    The LRCs operate as one service, therefore students may use all sites, and order and return books from each one.

    As well as our in-house service we also stock books at the Lichfield Public County Council Library, situated at The Friary to assist students at our Lichfield Campus.

Compliments and Suggestions

We are committed to providing high quality learning opportunities and services, and would like your help in knowing how well we are doing.

Student Handbook

For further information, please see the information shared with your son/daughter in the Learner Handbook.

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