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“Flat Pack Family” by Jade Sheerin at The Wedge Gallery

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Wedge Gallery

The Wedge Gallery is proud to present
‘’Flat Pack Family’’
Visiting Artist Jade Sheerin

Flat Pack Family - Jade Sheerin Flat Pack Family - Jade Sheerin

Recently graduated with a Masters Degree from Birmingham School of Art, Jades installation reflects the lifestyles of military children. Drawing on her personal experiences, growing up in a military family, Jade seeks to bring to light the concept of how children in this setting have no choice in where they live and no control over frequent disruptions to their young lives.

Creating a tongue in cheek subject matter of flat packing children and moving them in military freight boxes, Jade took influence from the MFO boxes originally used to move her, her family and their belongings from base to base. Leaving the figures faceless suggests that they are unknown to the system that disrupts them and in themselves; their emotions are hidden when it comes to moving as this is something out of their control. The children are all uniform in both design and in the fact they share the same experiences; changing schools, leaving friends etc. Made from wood to represent the nondescript packing materials used by the military and including the military codes that would have transported their lives from place to place. The magnolia frame both represents the plain magnolia houses that symbolises military housing and the bases that they were “trapped” within, inside the wire fences.

Exhibition open to the public: Monday 6th November, to Friday 7th December 2017
10 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

For further details and group bookings contact:
Andy Nash
t: 01543 301202

Wedge Gallery
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