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Students Premiere Original Films At Garrick Theatre

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Students from South Staffordshire College are proud to present the Inspire Arts Festival, a showcase of talent and filmmaking flair, at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Wednesday 21st of June.

Foundation Degree and BSc students from South Staffordshire College in association with Staffordshire University have spent the last eight months working independently to plan, produce and edit two feature films. These films will premiere at the Inspire Arts Festival, an event designed to celebrate the fantastic work produced by the Foundation Degree and BSc students during their time on the course.

The second year Foundation Degree students have successfully produced an original film called ‘Broken Future’ which tells the story of a dystopian future where emotions are illegal and people are forced to take pills to suppress them. A brave girl, Kayla, stops taking the pills and begins to rebel against the oppressive government. She questions the way she has been living her life and sets out to change it with dramatic effect.

The BSc students have been pushed even further in their production of a feature film, having only seventy-two hours to complete all principal photography. This was an incredibly tough ask, but the drive and dedication of this talented group of students has paid dividends. Their film, ‘Fragile’, centers around an investigation into an horrific murder committed in the local park. In charge of the case is Inspector Chiltern who elects to interview main suspect Ben Watson himself, pressing him for answers. He isn’t convinced by the meek man Ben appears to be but, with only thirty two hours to interview him, will the truth come to light or will the police be forever be in the dark?

The Inspire Arts Festival is being held in the main auditorium of the Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Wednesday 21st of June. The bar will open at 6pm and the main house doors will open to the public at 7pm. The cast and crew of both films will walk the famous red carpet and have their pictures taken by talented photographers from South Staffordshire College.

Bring along the family and join in the celebration with these talented and outstanding students from South Staffordshire College and Staffordshire University. Tickets are available at just £5 from the Lichfield Garrick Theatre website.


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