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Cookies – What are they?

Cookies are small chunks of data which are stored in your Web browser. These little bits of information can be saved by the Web sites you visit and used in many useful ways. Examples include storing personal preferences so a visitor can customize how a site looks, login information if the site requires authentication, a list of items in your shopping cart, etc. They can also be used to track your journey around a site and even provide targeted advertisements based on your searches or the sites you like to visit. It is estimated that over 92% of Web sites use cookies.

Does this site use Cookies?

Yes it does by default. We use Google Analytics to aid us in improving the site and monitor its usage, and a couple of cookies to enhance the user experience. This involves setting some cookies that are looked after by Google. None of the cookies contain personally identifiable information.

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For more information on cookies in general and how to control cookies in your Web browser, see

The following cookies are used by Google Analytics:

Name: __utma
Expires: After 2 years
Description: Set by Google Analytics to keep track of the number of visits to the site. This helps us to monitor usage, spot potential problems and improve the site.

Name: __utmb
Expires: After 30 minutes
Description: Set by Google Analytics to the starting time of your current visit. Again, this helps us monitor usage of the site and hopefully make the site easier to use.

Name: __utmc
Expires: When you close your browser
Description: Set by Google Analytics to the ending time of your current visit. This too helps us to see how much the site is being used and whether there are areas we can improve.

Name: __utmz
Expires: After 6 months
Description: Set by Google Analytics to create reports on how you got to the site. For example, if you used a link on another site, or a search engine and what keywords led you to us. This helps us to see which marketing methods work best for us.

We store the following cookies to improve site functionality:

Name: sscrecentcourses
Expires: After 30 days
Description: This keeps track of the most recent courses you have looked at in the last 30 days so that you can quickly jump back to them from the main courses page.

Name: ssc_cookieaccept
Expires: After 30 days
Description: This is only set once you have made a decision regarding cookies so the site can remember your answer.

Note: If you click on external services such as Facebook or Twitter links they may set their own cookies outside of our control.

This site uses cookies by default. Our cookies page explains this in detail and allows you to change your settings. To hide this message, click