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A close-up of a lemur's face and ear


A gallery of a selection of the animals you will meet on your visit, our Visitor Centre and our keepers.

Creature Feature

Sid, Ring Tailed Lemur, Lemur catta

Sid is one of our bachelor group of lemurs living in our Lemur walk through exhibit. A cheeky, outgoing character, Sid’s easily identified by his shorter tail.

Classified as endangered in the wild, Ring Tailed Lemurs are well represented in global zoos, so we keep a bachelor group here at the Animal Zone for education purposes.

There are over 100 species of lemur in the world, all of whom are only native to the island of Madagascar. Due to habitat loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade, the IUCN have estimated that 90% of the described species could be extinct within 20-25 years without extensive conservation effort.

Highly social, wild Ring Tailed lemurs live in family troop of up to 30 individuals, led by a dominant female.

Sid - our Ring Tailed Lemur