South Staffordshire College

Publication Scheme

As a requirement of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, here you will find the publication scheme for South Staffordshire College. Colleges are required to make this information available in order to promote openness and accountability in the public sector.

Our publication scheme follows the model set out for further education colleges by the Office of the Information Commissioner. Below you will find either the information itself, links to where you can find the information on our web sites, or details on how you can request it from us.

Where to Request Information

Any information which is not published on our publicly available websites for free can be requested in writing to the following:

Freedom of Information Request
South Staffordshire College
Rodbaston Campus
ST19 5PH

In general, public authorities have 20 working days to respond. We may charge a fee, which will be calculated according to the following guidelines:

  • Postage – standard Royal Mail postage rates
  • Courier – charges by the courier incurred by the College
  • Fees charged to us – charges incurred by the College to obtain the information from a third party
  • Location, Retrieval and Extraction – the cost of fetching and preparing the information
  • Photocopying or Printing:
    • A4 black and white – £0.05 per side
    • A4 colour – £0.10 per side
    • A3 black and white – £0.10 per side
    • A3 colour – £0.18 per side

Details on what is considered an appropriate charge for requests made under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts are available in the regulations found under

We are not required to release information to which an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act legitimately applies. If this is the case we may be required to explain why we are not releasing the information to the applicant and the Information Commissioner. The college also does not have to comply with any request for information if the cost of compliance exceeds the appropriate limit of £450, however we will still confirm or deny whether we hold the information requested unless the cost of this alone would exceed the appropriate limit.

Who We Are and What We Do

  • Legal framework
  • How the institution is organised
    • Leadership Team – Our Website
    • Board of Governors – Our Website
    • Organisation Chart – Request in writing
  • Lists of and information relating to organisations we work in partnership with and any companies wholly or partially owned by us
    • Some of our partners – Our Website
    • The Rural Enterprise Academy – TREA Website
    • Other business and community organisations – Request in writing
  • Location and contact details
    • Physical campus locations & phone numbers – Our Website
  • Student Activities
    • Facilities available at our campuses – Our Website
    • Enrichment Activities – Request in writing

What We Spend and How We Spend It

  • Supply Chain Fees and Charges – Our Website (Policies & Documents tab)
  • Financial Statements – Our Website (Policies & Documents tab)
  • Additional budget & accounting information – Request in writing
  • Financial audit reports – Request in writing
  • Capital expenditure information – Request in writing
  • Financial regulations and procedures – Request in writing
  • Staff pay and grading structure – Request in writing
  • Pension information – Request in writing
  • Register of suppliers – Request in writing
  • Procurement and tender procedures – Request in writing
  • Contracts (those applicable and have gone through tender) – Request in writing

What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing

How We Make Decisions

Our Policies and Procedures

Lists and Registers

  • Corporation members register of interests – Request in writing
  • Senior Leadership Team register of interests – Request in writing
  • Freedom of Information request disclosure logs – Request in writing

Services We Offer

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